Monday, June 15, 2009

the UCV in North Carolina

One of the things I included in the last chapter of both the 37th NCT book and the 58th NCT book is a brief description of the United Confederate Veterans. I also include UCV Camps from the area where the original regiment originated.

For the 58th NCT, that includes the Nimrod Triplett Camp 1273 in Boone, the General Pender Camp 1154 in Burnsville, the Col. John T. Jones Camp 952 in Lenoir, and the Confederate Veteran camp 956 in Marion.

As I scrolled through the list, I came across several Camps located in towns in North Carolina with which I was not familiar. Granted, I have not been every where in North Carolina, but I do get around. Camps that I was not sure just where they were include the H. L. Wyatt camp in Bayboro (Pamlico County); the Confederate Veteran Camp 1237 in Charm (I could not find this in Gazetteer, anyone know?); the Confederate Veteran Camp 1155 in Elrod (Robeson County); the E. B. Holloway Camp 533 in Independence (could not find this one); the Mexico Camp 650 in Mexico(ditto); the Ryan Camp 417 in Red Springs (Robeson County); the Alfred Rowlan camp in Rowland (Robeson County); and the Confederate Camp 417 in Ryan (could not find this one).Interestingly, in 1901 there were two camps in Franklin (Confederate Veteran Camp 955 and C. L. Robinson Camp 947) and two camps in Salisbury (Fisher Camp 309 and C. F. Fisher Camp 319). Probably the best name for any camp was the camp located in Cherokee, the Sou-Noo-Kee Camp 1268. The Camp Commander for Camp 1268 is listed as Sou Ate.

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