Tuesday, June 16, 2009

58th NCT update

I’m bothered. Bothered that a copy of Maj. George W. F. Harper’s parole is not in his Compiled Service Record. It is undoubtedly clear that Harper was present. On May 1, Harper confides in his diary “Brigade paroled and preparations made to march home…” He writes on May 2 “A.M. Reg’t. recv’d. paroles and packed up…”

It is not so much that Harper’s parole is not there. What bothers me is this: how many other men from the 58th NCT were present to receive their paroles but have slipped through the cracks like Harper? How many of those that are listed as “No further record” after August 31, 1864, were present on May 2, 1865, to receive their paroles?

I’m just bothered… I don’t like so many loose ends.

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