Thursday, June 11, 2009

News and notes...

I’m working hard on the 58th NCT this week, so not a lot of time to get other things (like blogging) done. Here is a quick look around our beautiful state.

From we find an interesting article about a diary from a member of the 104th Ohio that includes information on Sherman’s march into North Carolina. Check it out here.

There is a small bit of information on the housing of African-American troops in Raleigh during reconstruction in this article in the

The Star News Online has an article about sunken ships along the Cape Fear. Read all about it here.

An article describing honors being paid to Historian Daniel W. Barefoot can be found here.

The battle of Bost Grist Mill reenactment is this weekend. Check out a press release here.

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Anthony said...

Hi Mr. Hardy,
I just finished your book on Mitchell County history. The photos were incredible. I borrowed the book as I am a recent graduate now who is still searching for employment and short on cash flow lol. I know borrowing instead of buying doesn't help you pay the bills either. I actually found a picture of the old Beaver Creek Baptist Church with my mom and dad as pre-teens. Fascinating. Keep up the excellent work and when I find some work I promise to purchase a book from you.
Anthony Pitman
Spruce Pine, NC