Saturday, January 10, 2009


I was thinking about my research into the life of Felix Sluder. Private Sluder is just one of almost 200,000 North Carolina Civil War soldiers. Just one. And we know a lot about Sluder and his war-time experiences because of what he wrote after the war while trying to get his pension. We are not even sure of where he is buried.

When I wrote the history of the 37th NCT, I was excited that I had found the final resting places of about half of the regiment. Of course, that still left 1,000 men for whom I did not know the final resting place (there were 2,005 men who served in the 37th NCT). With the 58th NCT, I have much less, probably only 30 percent.

Most historians who write regimental histories do not include this type of information. Silo’s excellent history of the 115th New York does not, and Jenkins’s history of the 15th Kentucky (US) contains a few. I understand why – it is hard work, with a certain degree of uncertainty. For me, it gives a sense of closure.

I wish I knew where Rev. Alfred L. Stough was buried. Stough was a Baptist minister and chaplain for the 37th NCT. His wife, Ann Elizabeth Stough, is buried in the Sunset Memorial Cemetery, Cleveland County, NC. She died in 1888. Stough moved around quite a bit after the war. He pastored churches in Kinston, Pineville, and in South Carolina. There is even a Stough Memorial Baptist Church in Mecklenburg County. He appears to still be alive in 1900. I was never able to find his place of burial

For the 58th NCT, I know nothing about these:

Marcus J. Bearden who was assistant quartermaster.
Abram Shuford Edmisten, a Commissary Officer who was born in Caldwell County ca.1844.
Calvin Eller, a Captain of Company L, born in Ashe County ca.1830.
J. J. Goodwin, an assistant quartermaster.
Hamilton Griffin, the regimental surgeon from Kentucky. (I think he went to New York after the war and worked as a stage manager).
David S. Hall, a Commissary Sergeant from Yancey County, born ca.1837.
William White Harris, another regimental surgeon
Thomas J. Mitchell, an assistant surgeon
Robert C. Pearson, yet another assistant surgeon
Benjamin Perry Perry, adjutant
John W. Rabey, Chaplain, born in Caldwell County ca.1839
William Toxey, surgeon

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