Thursday, January 08, 2009

Grave of Felix Sluder

I did some more searching and it appears that Felix Sluder is probably buried in a grave marked only by a field stone (next to his wife) in the Roark – Price Cemetery in Ashe County. I am trying to track down some of the family to confirm this.

Cenantua - Do you think he would be a good candidate for a gravestone?


Anonymous said...


Absolutely. Sluder merits a stone as well as a place in the Southern Unionists Chronicles.

I'm just not sure how the headstone should be marked, however. I suppose, because he was officially discharged from the Pa unit at the end of the war, he should have this unit on his stone, though I hate to see is service in the Navy missed.

Are you going to order a stone?

- Robert Moore (aka "cenantua")

Anonymous said...

Looks like Sluder saw rather extensive service aboard the Ticonderoga. From the attempt to take the CSS Florida to its service in the blockading squadrons. However, it is especially interesting to see that the ship was involved in the taking of Ft. Fisher.

See here...