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Books on North Carolina's Confederate Generals

You've probably figured out that I like lists of books. For several years, I've kept a list of North Carolina counties and their published histories of the War. Well, below is a new list, a list of North Carolina-born general officers of the Confederacy (with one exception). There are several names not on this list, like James H. Lane or William Henry Chase Whiting. They were associated with North Carolina, but came from other states. There are also a couple who are buried in the Tar Heel state but who are not on this list, like William R. Boggs. He came after the war. The only exception that I have made is for Collett Leventhorpe. He was born in England, but when he moved to North Carolina (prior to the war), he never really lived any other place, and is buried in Caldwell County. I have also not included state-appointed generals, like John W. McElroy. These men are only Confederate-appointed generals.

Of the 46 men on this list, 26 have no material published on them, save brief pieces in Warner's Generals in Gray, Powell's Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, or Davis's The Confederate General (6 volumes). Of the 18 who do have biographies, three of those are just sketches, usually presented at a monument dedication or a memorial service. For me, that leaves 16 who have bios. Of that number, six have multiple biographies. Braxton Bragg has eight, William Dorsey Pender, Leonidas Polk, and Stephen Dodson Ramseur have four each, and James Johnston Pettigrew has three. Bryan Grimes had two, and the rest, one each.  

As always, this is a work in progress. If I missed someone, or some book, please let me know. At some point, I will probably update this list to include theses and dissertations, and then maybe articles.

Anderson, George Burgwyn, Brig. Gen.  (1831-1862)
            "A Private" Brigadier-General George Burgwyn Anderson (19--?)
Armistead, Louis Addision, Brig. Gen., (1817-1863)
Baker, Laurence Simmons, Brig. Gen. (1830-1907)
Barringer, Rufus, Brig. Gen. (1821-1895)
            Barringer, Fighting for General Lee (2016)
Barry, John D., Brig. Gen. (1838-1867)
Bragg, Braxton, General (1817-1876)
            Bragg, Braxton Bragg: Military Strategist (1998)
            Hallock, Braxton Bragg and Confederate Defeat, Vol. 2 (1991)
            Hay, Braxton Bragg and the Southern Confederacy (1925)
            Hess, Braxton Bragg: the Most Hated Man of the Confederacy (2016)
            Martin, General Braxton Bragg (2011)
            McWhiney, Braxton Bragg and Confederate Defeat Vol. 1 (1969)
            Seitz, Braxton Bragg, general of the Confederacy (1924)
            Stout, Reminiscences of General Braxton Bragg (1942)
Branch, Lawrence O'B., Brig. Ben. (1820-1862)
Bullock, Robert, Brig. Gen. (1828-1905)
Clingman, Thomas L., Brig. Gen. (1812-1897)
            Jeffrey, Thomas Lanier Clingman: Fire Eater from the Carolina Mountains (1998)
Cox, William R., Brig. Gen. (1832-1919)
            Spruill, A Sketch of the Life and Service of General William Ruffin Cox (1921)
Daniel Junius, Brig. Gen. (1828-1864)
Dockery, Thomas P., Brig. Gen. (1833-1898)
Forney, John H. Maj. Gen. (1829-1902)
            Daugette, The Life of Major General John H. Forney (1925?)
Forney, William H., Brig. Gen. (1823-1894)
Garrott, Isham W., Brig. Gen. (1816-1863)
Gatlin, Richard C., Brig. Gen. (1809-1896)
            Daddis,  Richard C. Gatlin and the Confederate Defense of Eastern North Carolina (2015)
Gilmer, Jeremy F., Maj. Gen. (1818-1883)
Gordon, James B. Brig. Gen. (1822-1864)
            Hartley, Stuart's Tar Heels (1996)
Govan, Daniel C., Brig. Gen. (1829-1911)
Grimes, Bryan, Maj. Gen. (1828-1880)
            Allen, Lee's Last Major General: Bryan Grimes of North Carolina
            Cowper, Extracts of Letters of Maj. Gen Bryan Grimes to his Wife (2014)
Hill, Daniel H., Lt. Gen. (1821-1889)
            Bridges, Lee's Maverick General: Daniel Harvey Hill (1991)
Hoke, Robert F., Maj. Gen. (1837-1912)
            Barefoot, General Robert F. Hoke: Lee's Modest Warrior (1996)
Holmes, Theophilus H., Lt. Gen. (1804-1880)
            Hilderman, Theophilus Hunter Holmes: A North Carolina General in the Civil War (2013)
Johnston, George D. Brig. Gen. (1832-1910)
Johnston, Robert D., Brig. Gen. (1837-1919)
Kirkland, William W., Brig. Gen. (1833-1915)
Leventhorpe, Collett, Brig. Gen. (18815-1889)
            Foley and Cole, Collett Leventhorpe, the English Confederate (2006)
Lewis, William G., Brig. Gen. (1835-1901)
MacRae, William, Brig. Gen. (1834-1882)
Martin, James G., Brig. Gen. (1819-1878)
McNair, Evander, Brig. Gen. (1820-1902)
Pender, William D., Maj. Gen. (1834-1863)
            Hassler, One of Lee's Best Men: The Civil War Letters of Gen. William D. Pender (1999)
            ----The General to His Lady: The Civil War Letters of W. D. Pender to Fanny Pender (1965)
            Longacre, General William Dorsey Pender: A Military Biography (2001)
            Willis, Confederate General William Dorsey Pender: The Hope of Glory (2013)
Pettigrew, James J., Brig. Gen. (1828-1963)
            Bauer, The Long Lost Journal of Confederate General James Johnston Pettigrew (2001)
            Wilson, Carolina Cavalier: Life and Mind of James Johnston Pettigrew (1990)
            Wilson, The Most Promising Man of the South... (1998)
Polk, Leonidas, Lt. Gen. (1806-1864)
            Parks, General Leonidas Polk, CSA (1992)
            Polk, Leonidas Polk; Bishop and General 2 volumes (1915)
            Robbins, The Bishop of the Old South: (2006)
            White, Confederate General Leonidas Polk: Louisiana's Fighting Bishop (2013)
Polk, Lucius E., Brig. Gen. (1833-1892)
Rains, Gabriel J. Brig. Gen. (1803-1881)
Ramseur, Stephen D., Maj. Gen. (1837-1864)
            Cox, Address on the Life and Character of.... Ramseur (1891)
            Gallagher, Stephen Dodson Ramseur: Lee's Gallant General (1995)
            Kundahl, The Bravest of the Brave: The Correspondence of Stephen D. Ramseur (2014)
            Schenck, Sketches of Maj. Gen. Stephen Dodson Ramseur (2015)
Ransom, Matt W., Brig. Gen. (1826-1904)
            Marlow, Matt W. Ransom, Confederate General from North Carolina (1996)
Ransom, Robert, Jr., Maj. Gen. (1828-1892)
Richardson, Robert V., Brig. Gen. (1820-1870)
Roberts, William P., Brig. Gen. (1841-1910)
Scales, Alfred M., Brig. Gen. (1827-1892)
            Conner, Address on Alfred Moore Scales (1907)
Toon, Thomas F., Brig. Gen. (1840-1902)
Ticker, William, Brig. Gen. (1827-1881)
Vance, Robert B., Brig. Gen. (1828-1899)
Wilcox, Cadmus M., Maj. Gen. (1824-1890)

            Patterson, From Blue to Gray (2001) 

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