Thursday, January 17, 2013

William H. Jones

There is often a story behind every stone. Sometimes, we know that story, and sometimes we do not. Often, you put a little bit of information out there, and someone eventually fills that story in. I wish I had more of this story, but I do not, at least not yet. Here is what I do have:

William H. Jones was born in Ashe County, North Carolina, ca. 1841. He was a farmer. He enlisted on July 8, 1862, and was mustered in as a private in Company D, 5th Battalion, North Carolina Cavalry. As many of you know,  the 5th Battalion was merged with the 7th Battalion to create the 6th North Carolina Cavalry.  Jones did not live to see that merger. He died November 15, 1862, of unknown causes, near Big Creek Gap, Tennessee. He is believed to be buried in the Delap Family Cemetery in Campbell County, Tennessee.

I took this photo in June 2007. 

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