Friday, January 18, 2013

Shelton Laurel

Very interesting blog today on the 150th anniversary of the Shelton Laurel Massacre at the "This Day in North Carolina History" blog. I would be remiss to not point out that Brigadier General Heth did not go into Madison County, as the blog states, but he did allow portions of the 64th North Carolina Troops to go into the area and attempt to deal with the dissidents.  Also, the blog does not indicate anything about the constant skirmishing that took place as the 64th North Carolina marched through the county and into Shelton Laurel. They were fired upon from behind every rock and stump and tree. The 64th NCT also captured a number of men who were sent back to Asheville. The thirteen referred to above were another group that was captured, taken out of the community, and then executed. It is interesting that there is no mention of the crimes that were committed by some of the thirteen who were executed.

You can check out the post here.

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