Monday, July 30, 2012

Looking for NC's Civil War - Delap Family Cemetery

620,000+... We killed 620,000+ of each other during the War. They died on battlefields, of wounds, and of disease. The last cause felled the most men. The 58th North Carolina Troops spent the winter of 1862-1863 guarding mountain passes in east Tennessee. Something made them sick. It could have been the common camp complaints, like measles. Or, something could have been in the water. Whatever the cause, scores of men from the regiment died that winter. These men were taken to a family cemetery, the Delap family Cemetery near Jacksboro, Tennessee.

Over time, the final resting place of these Confederates was forgotten to all but a few. In 2004, a friend of mine walked into the Campbell County  Historical Museum, looking for the graves. She just happened to walk in on a day when the volunteer on duty was someone who knew of the cemetery. To make a long story short, the cemetery was found and cleaned, and gravestones were installed. I had the honor to speak at the dedication service a few years ago. You can see a list of names by visiting this link:

I visit the Delap Cemetery from time to time. This photo was taken in June 2007.

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