Friday, January 14, 2011

Civil War Preservation News

I’ve been a supporter of the preservation of the Civil War battlefields for a long time – I actually have a pen here on my desk stamped with the logo of the APCWS – Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites. I actually got the pen when I first joined many years ago. A decade ago, it was the APCWS. Not long thereafter if merged with another preservation group to form the Civil War Preservation Trust. A few days ago, the CWPT shortened its name to the Civil War Trust and came up with a new logo. I guess I am going to need a new hat….

Last night, I received an email from the Civil War Trust. They are working on preserving some ground at Resaca. Yes, I know, many of you are interested in eastern battlefields. But here is a good way to help a western theater battlefield. The land the CWT is seeking to acquire was a part of the May 14-15, 1864, battle, and two North Carolina regiments, the 58th and 60th North Carolina Troops, fought over this ground. They were a part of Reynolds’s brigade and helped push the Federals back in an attack. See the map below. If you can help the Civil War Trust preserve these 500+ acres, please contact them. You can learn more here

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