Wednesday, May 12, 2010

News and notes...

Still very busy here around the Hardy household. I did sneak a few moments and looked at some online newspapers, and found a few items of interest.

The news abounds with stories regarding Confederate Memorial Day, which was yesterday in North Carolina.

Jamie Funkhouser stood vigil at the Confederate Monument in Winston-Salem. You can learn more here.

Interesting article on ENC Today on how North Carolina “ignores” Confederate Memorial Day. Hmm, partial true, but not entirely. There are scores of events that take place to commemorate Confederate Memorial Day. Check out the article here.

Found an article in a paper from Waltham, Massachusetts, that outside of showcasing profound ignorance, I’m not sure the purpose of. The columnist writes: “There is no federal commission organizing the Civil War sesquicentennial commemoration, Richard Lewis of the Virginia Tourism Corporation told me, in part "because of the political minefield we just ran into" with McDonnell's proclamation. Some states, including North Carolina and South Carolina, are making no effort to mark the anniversary. Others, Pennsylvania included, are not using the term sesquicentennial because "no one can pronounce it, no one can spell it, and no one knows what it means." Um, maybe the writer needs to visit or You can check out the article here.

On to other news

Information on the recent Salisbury Prison Tour can be found in this article in the Salisbury Post.

An article on Fort Johnston in Southport can he found here.

A good article on the battle of New Bern can be found here in the Sun Journal.

The ENC Today has an article on African-Americans serving as spies during the war. Check it out here.


The Statesville Record and Landmark has an article on the home of Zeb Vance in Statesville. You can learn more here.

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