Monday, July 20, 2009

Troutman and Forbes

Greetings folks! I received this email concerning my last post – thanks to Richard Howland who lives in California for the information.

I read with great interest your post today about the Hill/Ledford cemetery south of Buladean. I have several relatives buried there, including George Washington Troutman, my gr-grandfather. As you mentioned, he fought in the Mexican war and also in the 58th NC troops. He deserted the Confederacy after about a year and went home to take care of his domestic responsibilities. At that time he had a farm, a wife and about 10 children to take care of. His son James K. Polk Troutman had joined Company "B" of the 13th Tennessee Cav. George had been serving in Tennessee, and I suspect that he didn't like the idea that he might have to shoot his own son. Maybe another reason George deserted. The James Troutman that's buried at Hill Cemetery is George's son.

You speak of Ricklas Forbes, who is another of my gr-grandfathers. He was taken from his home at gunpoint and forced to fight for the Confederacy. When he refused to fight for the confederacy, he was hung upside down from a tree by his big toes and left to die. Fortunately, he was found by passers-by and cut loose. Then, he along with his brother William enlisted in the Union. Ricklas is buried at the Campbell Cemetery located on Rittertown Road, 1/2 mile east of Hampton, Tennessee…

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