Tuesday, July 21, 2009

58th NCT update

I thought I would pass along a 58th NCT update. This morning, I wrote the last paragraph in the book. There will undoubtedly be some things added between now and when I turn the book in, but I am getting close. The manuscript stands at 125,074 words. That includes text, notes, bibliography, roster, and a couple of other appendixes. For those who have my book on the 37th NCT, that manuscript was 150,000 words. I still do not have a number of illustrations – I am still working on getting some things scanned and indexed.

Tonight, I will be speaking at the Col. John B. Palmer Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. They meet at 6:30 pm at the town center in Burnsville. I’ll be talking about some odds and ends regarding my work into the 58th NCT. If you get a chance, come and join us.

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