Thursday, May 14, 2009

John M. Houston

While out and about on Sunday afternoon, I photographed another grave on Henson’s Creek (Avery County) that I thought I would share with you. No, I don’t have any questions, or great stories, I just like the way the photograph turned out. John M. Houston was September 15, 1846 and died September 16, 1916. He served in Company E, 6th North Carolina State Troops.


beeler said...

Hey, cool! That's my great-great grandfather. I don't know much about his history. I think he was furloughed late in the war. I know that after that, he fathered two families right there on Henson creek. The Houstons still live on the creek and have continued to proudly serve their country through the years. My cousin is a colonel in the Army reserves and has done several tours in Iraq.

Shawn Houston said...

That is also my 3rd great grandfather I believe. I was researching my family history and discovered this. My father and I visited his grave this past spring to pay our respects . He lives in Conover and I am in Burlington. (Company Shops is Burlington today that is where the 6th NC started)