Friday, May 15, 2009

Sold out and 58th NCT update.

Well, yesterday I received a order for a copy of my book on the Thirty-seventh North Carolina Troops. A gentleman in New York has purchased my final hardback copy that I have on hand. The book is being rereleased next month by the publisher in a paperback edition.

Also this week, I finished chapter twelve of my book on the 58th North Carolina Troops. The regiment surrendered at Greensboro (actually they were in Jamestown), stacked some of their arms, and started marching for home. Yesterday, I started the last chapter of the book – at least, unless I decide to do something different with one of the appendixes. Almost done.

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DM SMith said...

I just visited Wilmington and went on the battleship. It is amazing. The history of North Carolina is definately alive and well in Wilmington. I have a historical blog and will be doing a story on my visit soon. Meanwhile there is a piece about camp watts you might like.