Friday, March 07, 2008

Ok - I think I am way too busy. My goal was to have the 58th NCT manuscript done by the end of March. I am parked at January 1864 as of today. Yesterday, I wrote about Joe Johnston taking command of the A of T, and about his January 8 General order No. 5. I was hoping to at least get to the start of the February 1864 battle of Dalton, but other things are crowding my time.

What are those other things? We finally decided on three North Carolina Civil War Trail markers for Avery County: the Blalocks/Grandfather Mountain; The Banner House/underground railroad; and, the Cranberry Iron Mines. I am trying to work up some good text for all three of these. Plus, I’ve been invited to speak at the end of the month at the dedication of two NC Civil War Trail Markers in Caldwell County. Both of these deal with the Stoneman’s 1865 raid.

Also, I am writing text for the brochure for the National SCV convention being held in North Carolina in July 2008. It is a great honor, and I have six pages to fill up. I just have to decide what I’m going to write.

Also, I’m working with the Mitchell County Historical Society on a project. My editor wants to see a proposal for this project by Wednesday, and I’ve not even started.

That’s not to mention the "Save the old Linville Depot" project going on at the Avery County Historical Society, and that I finished the newsletter for them this week.

Then there is that pile of email awaiting my attention.

Well, I guess I need to go and work on that proposal.

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