Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Off to Hickory for a book signing this evening.

An anonymous friend wrote about my recent post on Raleigh that:
"That's, the state capitol, not capital (which would be Raleigh itself)."

That’s actually a rather complicated point. The "capitol" refers to the building in Washington, D. C , where the United States Congress holds their secessions, or to a building occupied by a state legislature (per Webster’s). Since the legislature no longer meets in the building, it is not the capitol per se. However, since the governor still has his office in the building, it is the capital, the official seat of government of the state. But the brochure says "capitol," so let’s call it a draw.

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Anonymous said...

Good points that I hadn't considered.
My point stemmed from what you noted, the brochure/website and how they title the place, North Carolina's State Capitol.