Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Col. Isaac E. Avery honored

There have been two articles in national publications recently that talk about the finding and marking of Col. Isaac Avery’s grave.

The first was in the January issue of Gettysburg Magazine. Entitled "Etched in Blood," this article was written by Richard E. Clem. Clem provides a brief overview of Avery’s life. A history of the 6th NCST is also given, with attention to the role of the 6th NCST at Sharpsburg. Clem then goes on to write about the 6th NCST at Gettysburg on day two, when Avery was mortally wounded. After Avery’s death, his body servant buried him in the Riverview Cemetery in Washington County, Maryland. Avery’s body was later disinterred and reburied in the Washington Confederate/Rose Hill Cemetery in Hagerstown.

Clem’s article is illustrated with a war-time image of Avery, Avery’s letter to his father, the Riverview Cemetery and Avery’s new grave marker.

The second article appeared in the latest issue of Civil War Times. This one page article features both a photo of Avery’s new gravemarker, and one of Avery. The brief article describes Avery’s mortal wounding, his famous letter to his father, and the work of Richard Clem in finding and marking the grave.

If you get a chance, check out both of these articles.

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