Monday, February 25, 2008

58th NCT/Upcoming book signing/Nashville prison

Wow - the title is almost as long as the post!

Today, I finished the draft for the chapter on Missionary Ridge. I started the next chapter, which covers the December 1863 to March 1864 period of time.

On Thursday, I will be speaking to the SCV Camp in Asheville. If you get a chance, stop by and say hi.

PS - anyone have any information on the prison (for Confederates) in Nashville? I’ve been able to find this: The prison was possibly located in the Maxwell House Hotel, also known during the war as "Zollicoffer’s Barracks." The prison hospital was "Dr. Ford’s church on Cherry Hill." That is about all that I have.


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Lee White said...

Michael, a couple of things, first there was an accident at the hotel that made it into a number of the newspapers, it seems that one of the floors collapsed and a lot of the prisoners were injured or killed. Also, have you seen the article on the 58th and 60th NC that was in the Dec 10, 1863 issue of the Fayetteville Observer?