Monday, August 18, 2014

The Salem Wayside Hospital

I've not talked about North Carolina Confederate hospitals in quite some time, but this past Friday I found a document that's gotten me thinking. While perusing the volumes of the Forsyth County Genealogical Journal, I found a reference to the Wayside Hospital in Salem, North Carolina.   The note comes from Vance's papers, and is a listing of men who were served meals at the Wayside Hospital in the month of June and half of July, for an unknown year. In that six-week span, the hospital served 105 men 416 meals. It would probably be possible to set down with the Troop books and figure out, based upon the names on the list, the year for which this list was generated.

More importantly, I've never seen a reference to a Wayside Hospital in Salem (you know, Winston-Salem). Salem lacked one important part of the Wayside Hospital criteria - a railroad. I did a quick search of digitized Salem newspapers, but I could not find any other references.

Just one more little piece of an incomplete puzzle.

So, were there other towns in North Carolina that had Wayside Hospitals but that were not on the railroad?

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