Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Who is Nelson?

Folks - I've had this article for a very long time, but I do not know just who "Nelson" is. Any clues? This is from the Raleigh Register - August 21, 1861.

The Release of Nelson.

   Tidings have reached this place of a raid on the part of some tories in East Tennessee into Watauga county in this State, and the abduction of several citizens of the county. The object in making this seizure is believed to be to hold persons taken as hostages for the safety of Nelson. As Nelson has been released, we presume the persons abducted will be set at liberty.


Glenn Land said...


Thomas Amos Rogers Nelson was a leading Unionist in east Tennessee. I believe this link will help explain the incident you're referring to. Nelson bitterly disagreed with Lincoln's issuing the emancipation proclamation. He had agreed with Confederate authorities to speak against it to the people of east Tennessee. Soon after his son was apparently arrested. He must have thought this had been done to insure his making his remarks.

Michael Hardy said...

Thank you Glenn!