Thursday, November 01, 2012

Looking for NC's Civil War: Willoughby's Run

I know that I've posted on the 26th NCT at Gettysburg, but on a recent trip to the 'burg, I got this good photo of Willoughby's Run.

Once again, instead of my telling you about it, I'll let them tell you about. This letter appeared in the Semi-Weekly Register (Raleigh) on July 22, 1863. It was written by Capt. J. J. Young, Quartermaster of the 26th NCT and he described the fighting that took place in this area. The whole letter appears in my book, North Carolina Remembers Gettysburg.

Near Gettysburg, Pa.,

July 3, 1863

      “I feel it my duty to communicate the painful and melancholy intelligence to you of the death of Col. H. K. Burgwyn, who was killed nobly fighting for his country, July 1st, 1863. He was shot through both lungs and died an easy death. I have buried him as well as possible under a walnut tree leading from Gettysburg to Chambersburg, about two miles from the former place. His loss is great—more than any of us can imagine—to his country. To me it is almost stunning, and to the whole Regiment...     Poor Kincaid (his servant) takes it bitterly.—the Colonel, Lieut. Col. Lane, Captain McGreesy and eight others were shot down (in succession) with our colors in hand... The Regiment went in 800 strong and came out the first day 250...  The fighting yesterday and to-day has been terrible, and will continue to morrow, I suppose.

I took this image in October 2012.

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