Thursday, October 04, 2012

Looking for NC's Civil War: Gaston County Courthouse.

Built in 1848/9, the Gaston County Courthouse in Dallas served the people of Gaston County until 1911 when the county seat was moved to Gastonia. Confederate soldiers mustered in and around the courthouse during the war, and then headed to Brevard Station (now Stanley) to board the train. In April 1865, Federal cavalrymen, members of George Stoneman's force, arrived in the area.  They skirmished with elements of Vaughn's Confederate cavalry in the area on April 17, 1865. On April 18, portions of the 12th Ohio Cavalry camped nearby, setting out to capture the bridge over the Catawba River at Nation's Ford. There were Federals in and around Dallas for at least the next week.

This photo was taken in September 2012.

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