Monday, September 10, 2012

Looking for NC's Civil War: Columbus, Ohio

My travels take me many places, and I consider myself blessed. In June of 2010, I visited and spoke with the Civil War Round Table in Columbus, Ohio. While in town, I visited the Camp Chase Confederate Prison Cemetery and took photographs of as many North Carolina soldiers as I could find. This is the grave of Pvt. James K. Goldsmith of Company G, 14th Battalion, North Carolina Cavalry. Company G came primarily from Henderson County, North Carolina. Records are poor, mostly limited to an undated bounty roll, except for four men: James M. Calloway, Robert B. Clayton, David H. England, and James R. Goldsmith. All four were captured on December 13, 1864, in Cooke county, Tennessee, and all four were sent to Camp Chase in Columbus, Ohio. Clayton and Goldsmith would not survive. Clayton died on February 11, 1865, of pneumonia, and Goldsmith on January 28, 1865, of "general devility."(That's what is says. I imagine it was supposed to be "debility," but I've known a few folks who could have died of "devility," or could have killed other people with it.).

I took this photo in June 2010.

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