Friday, July 06, 2012

Looking for NC's Civil War - Oxford Confederate monument

There are more than 150 Monuments to North Carolina's Confederate soldiers. The Granville County monument was dedicated on October 20, 1909, with North Carolina governor William W. Kitchin speaking. The monument was raised by the Granville Grays Chapter of the United daughters of the Confederacy. One witness to the day of dedication wrote that "the line of march [by the old soldiers] was flanked by thousands of beautiful women and handsome men, and as many of God's sweetest smile - numberless happy-faced children. None were more attractive, none presented a finer appearance than the several hundred orphans under the guardianship of the Masons of North Carolina." The monument originally sat in the middle of the street but was later relocated in front of the library.

This photograph was taken in June 2012.

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