Monday, June 04, 2012

Help Wanted [from the Bennett Place]

We [the Bennett Place] are now in the process of redesigning our museum exhibits (first designed in 1983) to better tell the story of the end of the American Civil War. However, we need your help. Funding is extremely limited for the purchase of artifacts to tell this important story of our American history. We are seeking donations of original artifacts of the both Union and Confederate Armies, which ...were part of the Army of Tennessee, CSA and Maj. Gen. Sherman’s Armies, USA.

Some of the artifacts we are seeking:

-Cavalry related-Saddles, bridles, stirrups, Blanket rolls, canteens, sabers, pistols, uniforms, and other related cavalry gear

-Infantry soldier personal effects: cartridge boxes, cap boxes, canteens, haversacks, knapsacks, dice, playing cards, Bibles, books, toothbrushes, combs, tin ware-cups, plates, eating utensils, shoes, socks, hats, uniforms, and other related infantry gear.

-Photographs of individual soldiers in these armies

***Full Credit will be given publicly to each individual or group who donates the artifact.

**Monetary donations are also graciously accepted.

Thank you for helping contribute to YOUR museum.

If interested please send response to:

Bennett Place State Historic Site
Attn. Site Manager
4409 Bennett Memorial Road
Durham, North Carolina 27705

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