Sunday, May 20, 2012

North Carolina's Confederate Hospitals

Lately, I've been digging in a different direction. I've been trying to create a list of general hospitals and wayside hospitals established by the Confederate government in North Carolina. General hospitals were usually large structures, sometimes occupying existing buildings, like Peace College in Raleigh, or at times, new structures were built, like the 500-bed facility at the fairgrounds in Charlotte. I am fairly certain that I've identified all of the general hospitals in North Carolina in 1861-1865. They are:

General Hospital No. 1 - Kittrell Springs

General Hospital No. 2 - Wilson

General Hospital No. 3 - Goldsboro

General Hospital No. 4 - Wilmington

General Hospital No. 5 - Wilmington

General Hospital No. 6 - Fayetteville

General Hospital No. 7 - Raleigh

General Hospital No. 8 - Raleigh

General Hospital No. 9 - Salisbury

General Hospital No. 10 - Salisbury

General Hospital No. 11 - Charlotte

General Hospital No. 12 - Greensboro

General Hospital No. 13 - Raleigh

     Wayside hospitals were established next to the railroads, and offered food, along with clean bandages or medicine to soldiers traveling home on furlough or back to the army. As of today, my "official" wayside hospital list is:

Wayside Hospital No. 1 - Weldon

Wayside Hospital No. 2 - Greensboro

Wayside Hospital No 3 - Salisbury

Wayside Hospital No. 4 - ?

Wayside Hospital No. 5 - Wilmington

Wayside Hospital No. 6 - Charlotte

Wayside Hospital No. 7 - Tarboro

And then there comes a list of others - places that so far have not appeared on any list as being official general or wayside hospitals. This list included:



High Point

Wake Forest


     Maybe Raleigh was Wayside Hospital No. 4 in the above list. However, I've yet to find anything that says that in an official capacity.

      By the way, the list above is the most complete list that I know of. It is built from period newspapers, and from a list that appeared in an article that was in the Confederate Medical and Surgical Journal  in 1864.


Bobalouie said...
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Michael Hardy said...

Where were they buried originally? No, I don't know that yet. Today, many of those remains lie buried at Maplewood Cemetery in Wilson.

arsenal guard said...

Wayside #4 is Goldsboro.

If you have access to Fold3, lookup the Compiled Service Record of L. A. Stith, you will see under his records his assignment to #4 at Goldsboro.
I was hoping to see you at the Bennett Place this past weekend at the event. Hope all is well.

Michael Hardy said...

Thanks for the note. I was actually at Zeb Vance this past Saturday. I might try and hook up with the Bennett Place again next year.

By the way - I'll be in Garner on Tuesday evening (August 13, 2013).

Unknown said...

One was in golsdboro nc the all female college there was one at goldsboro high school.and of course the harper house..