Sunday, January 29, 2012


Alright, something has me stumped, and maybe one of you has the answer for me. I keep finding references to paroles being issued to people in Charlotte before there were actually Federal soldiers there in the city.

The first Federal soldiers arrived in Charlotte on May 7, 1864. Paroles were not issued until May 12-14, 1865, when Brig. Gen. Thomas Rugers and the 1st Corps. XXIII Corps arrived in town. Now, I could probably understand folks like Gen. Samuel Cooper getting a parole. He was in Charlotte, and his parole was issued May 3, 1865. Maybe it was issued by Schofield and sent to Cooper in Charlotte. However, of the seven members of the 58th NCT issued paroles in Charlotte in May 1865, four of them were prior to the arrival of Federal soldiers. So, until I find something else, I am at a loss as to how the common rank and file got their paroles.

Any ideas?

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