Monday, November 14, 2011

More please?

Col. L. O'B. Branch was given this order November 18th: "The Governor directs that you arrest Lieut. Col. Bowman, U.S. A., and confine him in some cell in the jail at Raleigh reserved for prisoners accused of infamous crimes and treat him as such so long as the enemy continues so to treat the prisoners of war captured by them at sea and now held for trail in new York as prisoners. You will release Lieut. Col. Bowman from his parole and execute this order with as much regard for his feelings as practicable." This came from the adjutant general' letter books, found in the Charlotte Observer on March 9, 1902. Sometimes you just want more of the story. Who was Lieut. Col. Bowman? And why was he in Raleigh?

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