Monday, July 04, 2011


As you have probably noticed, I’ve been a little slack on the blog lately. There are a couple of reasons. I’ve needed a break after finishing North Carolina in the Civil War (History Press, 2011), and I’ve been traveling.

As those you who have worked with the History Press know, their turn around is really quick. Since turning in the manuscript on May 2, I’ve been through two sets of proofs, worked on the back of book text, the front cover, and filled out the marketing material. Thus, I’ve never really had this project out-of-mind (or sight) for very long. The book is set to be released sometime around the first of September. So, I’ve got a few weeks to catch my breath… kind of…. Since it is coming out in about two months, I really need to be working on my marketing. Yes, the History Press does some, but as you know, no one can market a book as well as the author can.

I’ve also been on the road speaking about the 58th north Carolina Troops, and about my latest release, North Carolina Remembers Gettysburg. I’ve been to Gettysburg, Atlanta, Raleigh (more than once), and a host of places in between. I do have a new project in the works, which I am not saying much about right now. I also have plenty of places still to go before the end of year, including a couple of signings in the greater Wilmington area next weekend.

I promise I will get back to regular posting here soon. I’ve a host of things to talk about, just not much time to discuss them right now.

By the way, what do you think of the new front cover of the book?

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