Monday, February 21, 2011

News and notes……

Time to look around the Old North State and see what’s going on.

A very interesting article on slave and free blacks in the Winston-Salem area during the war. Check it out here.

In Monroe, a marker for Black Confederates to go on the grounds beside the courthouse, where markers already exist for Confederate soldiers and Confederate women, was recently rejected. Check out this story here.

A great little interview with Tom Vincent of the Department of Culture Resources can be found here. In the interview, Tom talks about his work of documenting North Carolina’s “Standing Soldiers”.

Another interesting article on monuments, particularly “Silent Sam” on UNC – Chapel Hill’s campus, can be found here. However, the author believes that at the time of the war, slavery was a “unconstitutional practice”. Despite Thomas Jefferson’s proposal that slave be constitutionally prohibited, just the opposite was true.

Information on the North Carolina town of Skyco (on the coast) and a small Union raid can be found here.

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