Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Cadmen County - 20 questions

Here is our next set of 20 questions from Bruce Long. How many can you get?

1. How many companies were formed on 30-31 May 1861, prior to North Carolina seceding from the United States?

2. Who was the highest ranking Confederate officer that lived in Camden prior to the outbreak of the war?

3. How many soldiers from companies formed in Camden were captured at the battle of Hatteras Inlet?

4. What was the name of the Camden company that had its colors captured at the battle of Hatteras Inlet? (The flag is now in the possession of the North Carolina Museum of History.)

5. What was Capt. Granville Gratiott Luke's occupation prior to commanding one of the three original companies raised in Camden?

6. Which Jonesboro Guards officer wrote a diary while imprisoned at Governor's Island and Fort Warren?

7. Which paroled officer captured at Hatteras is mentioned in Johnson's The Long Roll? (The 9th NY stopped at his house to eat breakfast while on the march to destroy the locks at South Mills.)

8. When was the battle of South Mills fought?

9. Who commanded the Union troops at the battle of South Mills?

10. Who commanded the Confederate forces at the battle of South Mills?

11. Who won a Congressional Medal of Honor for their actions at the battle of South Mills?

12. Where did 3000-4000 Union soldiers wade ashore from transports in the Pasquotank River prior to marching to the battle of South Mills?

13. What company formed in Camden fought in the battle of Gettysburg?

14. What Union company was formed in lower Camden County on 10 August 1863?

15. Who commanded the North Carolina Partisan Ranger company formed in Camden on 7 July 1863?

16. What expedition freed slaves, recruited soldiers, and hunted for guerrillas between 5 December and 24 December 1863?

17. After the skirmish at Sandy Hook on 18 December 1863, where did the guerrillas retreat to?

18. Name the elderly man taken hostage by General Wild on 19 December 1863. (Wild also burned the man's house.)

19. What Union companies were involved in the skirmish at Sandy Hook? (There were five.)

20. How many Camden men joined the USCT/NCCV during the war? a) 50-90 b) 90-130 c) less than 50 d) more than 130

Bonus: How many stop lights are there in Camden County?

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