Sunday, January 23, 2011

20 questions - Pasquotank County

Here is our next set of 20 questions, with a special thanks to Chris Meekins!

1) Q. The Confederate Veterans camp in Elizabeth City was named for what Pasquotank-born Confederate officer?

2) Q. What US Congressman was captured in Currituck County (Coinjock) in 1864 but immediately released in Pasquotank County (Elizabeth City)?

3) Q. How many times did United States forces occupy Elizabeth City in 1863?

4) Q. How many guerrilla fighters did General Edward A. Wild hang in Pasquotank County in December 1863?

5) Q. Who burned the Pasquotank County court house on February 10, 1862?

6) Q. In the Battle of Elizabeth City, what did USS Valley City quarter gunner John Davis do that earned him a Congressional Medal of Honor?

7) Q. Who met the Union forces at the Elizabeth City wharfs immediately after the engagement on the river ended?

8) Q. In what language did Rowland Martin Hall of the 3rd New York Cavalry greet Mayor John C. B. Ehringhaus of Elizabeth City when they met in October 1863?

9) Q. How many Pasquotank County women did General Edward A. Wild hold hostage for the safe return of some of his soldiers?

10) Q. Who was ambushed and killed by guerrilla fighters near New Begun Creek in lower Pasquotank County?

11) Q. What still standing Pasquotank County plantation can count Las Vegas star Wayne Newton among its owners?

12). Q. Pasquotank County newspaper editor Richard Benbury Creecy, although never having served in any armed force during his long life, was known by what honorary military title?

13) Q. How did the local skirmish known as “Tuttle’s Run” get its name?

14) Q. The CSS Appomattox escaped capture at the Battle of Elizabeth City and made her way up the Dismal Swamp Canal towards Norfolk. She made it as far as South Mills but no further. Why?

15) Q. Which ethnicity was the larger percent of Pasquotank County’s 1860 population?

16) Q. When Pasquotank County soldiers were captured at Fort Hatteras in late August 1861 where were they sent to be imprisoned?

17). Q. What was the name of the Grand Army of the Republic camp formed in Elizabeth City and who formed it?

18) Q. When was the Confederate Soldiers’ Monument erected next to the court house?

19) Q. How many markers are there in the Pasquotank County Civil War Trails?

20) Q. What noted historian was born in Pasquotank County during the Civil War?

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