Monday, November 22, 2010

Sesquicentennial Events

I have noticed in the past few days a plethora of North Carolina sesquicentennial events. Not only do we have the symposium at the Museum of History in Raleigh in May, but we have events going on at Fort Fisher, Somerset Place, and Fort Anderson in January; The Public History of the American Civil War, a Sesquicentennial Symposium at NC State in March; and, an event in Hatteras in August 2011. Surprising (or maybe not) about how all of this focuses in the eastern part of the state – along the coast or in Raleigh. Maybe the events in the western part of the state are just waiting for better weather. Maybe, since parts of my family were in western North Carolina about 1770, I am just a little partial

However, don’t fret. I’ve been working on a couple of events that I hope to have announcements on soon – events that will hopefully lead to a greater understanding of the War in western North Carolina.

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