Thursday, July 15, 2010

News and Notes

I had a look around at different online newspapers and here is what I found related to North Carolina and the War:

There is an interesting review of a couple of books that focus on the Confederate experience that makes some mentions of North Carolina communities. The books are Confederate Reckoning by Stephanie McCurry and The Long Shadow of the Civil War by Victoria Bynum. You can check it out here.

The Statesville Record and Landmark has a interesting article on brother-in-laws Stonewall Jackson, D. H. Hill, and Rufus Barringer. The article claims that Barringer is forgotten. Maybe for some, but I've spoken at the Rufus Barringer Civil War Round Table (twice), and been to his grave in Charlotte's Elmwood Cemetery - he is buried in the plot next to Col. Charles C. Lee (37th NCT), and across the road from the Confederate section. Check out the article here.

The Asheville Citizes Times reports that long-time Vance Birthplace sight director Sudie Wheeler has passed. Check out the article here.

The author of an article on a service to remember the Confederate Monument in Reidsville states that "There were no rebel flags to be seen ..." Yet, there is a Confederate first national in the photograph. Go figure... Check out the article here.

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