Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grand Tour, pt. 4

Another great day on the battlefield. We started early with a tour of Culp’s Hill, followed by Cemetery Ridge. We then met some friends and tromped McPherson’s Ridge, Seminary Ridge, Little Round Top, and another round of Cemetery Ridge. After parting company, I followed Reilly’s North Carolina battery around for a while, and little more driving on McPherson’s Ridge. After a short rest, we met more friends, walked to town, had dinner, walked around some more, and had ice cream. Great day. I’ve taken a little over 500 photographs so far on this trip. Tomorrow, we are planning to visit the visitor center, I have a meeting with a publisher, and then some shopping and a few more tours. Might start heading home tomorrow evening… might not either. No rain today, and the clouds broke this evening.

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