Monday, March 22, 2010

News and notes…

Yes, I know, I’ve just done a news and notes post. But I thought with the conclusion of the Bentonville event, we would look at some of the newspaper stories about North Carolina’s largest reenactment. There are many other articles out there. This is just a selection.

There is a short piece in the Goldsboro News-Argus, with a few photos. Check it out here.

There is a longer article in the Fayetteville Observer. Have a look at it here.

The Charlotte Observer also has a short article with a couple of photos, which you can read here.

The Los Angeles Times has a piece on the Joseph Johnston statue, which you can read here.

The Raleigh News and Observer has caught some flack because two thirds of their 106 photos are of Union soldiers. You can see all of the photographs here.

An article about the civilian side of things can be found here.


Jubilo said...

Dear Sir,
Drove down from Chicago to potray a Federal soldier for thid event. I enjoyed North Carolina, the weather, and the reenactment. Had no information concerning the statue of Jo Johnston. Poor Jo, the statue's eyes seem slanted and too close together. The money for the statue would have been better spent buying more land but the SCV. etc, have their own agenda.
David Corbett

Michael Hardy said...

Thanks for the post David. I partially agree. While I enjoy seeing and photographing monuments on battlefields, I also know for a fact that the land the battles were fought on are lost every day. They are lost because there is not enough money to purchase the land.