Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sad Day

Sad day. I learned this morning that Sanna Gaffney passed away last week. Most you probably never met Sanna – she was a local genealogist in Boone and someone that I talked with at length many times. She used to call with questions. Never said hello, or passed the pleasantries, just launched into her question. It often took me several seconds to catch up.

I also just learned that Frances Casstevens, the author of books on Clingman’s brigade and the 28th NCT, among others, passed away last night in Winston-Salem. I only met Frances once, even though we often swapped emails. I sent her some of my research on the 28th NCT.

Has anyone else noticed that we are losing our Civil War historians rapidly these days?

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Anonymous said...

I am also saddened to hear of the passing of Sanna Gaffney and Frances Casstevens. Although I never had the privilege of meeting them, I have always heard their names mentioned with respect, praise, and honor.

We shall never forget Sanna or Frances, and their steadfast dedication to our common history and heritage will have an everlasting impact on innumerable people.

They will be missed, and may God grant their families peace and comfort now and always.

Matthew Parker