Thursday, September 03, 2009

News and notes....

Time for our little look around….

The blog North Carolina Miscellany has yet posted another post about Abe Lincoln’s North Carolina roots. Check it out here.

The Chapel Hill News has an article that you can read here that is comparing our War in northeastern North Carolina in the 1860s with the war in Afghanistan. Hmm, I’m not so sure that I agree with their assessment.

In the, there is an article looking at Gov. W. W. Holden, the only North Carolina governor to have been impeached. Check out the article here.

The Sun News, out of Myrtle Beach, complains that the displays at the North Carolina Capital is not racially diverse. Hmm, I felt tthat there was plenty of diversity last time that I was there. Maybe they have changed things around. Check out the article here.

Interesting article in the Washington Post (you can read it here) about the town of Beaufort.

The (mentioned above) has a good article on the Bennett Place. Read it here.

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