Monday, September 21, 2009

58th NCT update

Crunch week for the 58th NCT. I plan to have it in the mail by Friday. I have finished the maps and the map captions. There are sixteen maps in the book. I have maybe ten or twelve more photographs to write captions for, which will give me about 100 images for the book. The whole word count is about 131,000. I need to go back through the manuscript one more time this week, make corrections, and add a few things that have come to light since I finished a few weeks ago.

On to other personal notes. My book on the 37th NCT is now officially out-of-print in hardback. It is being re-released in paperback next month. More details will follow. Also, Remembering North Carolina’s Confederates is also on back order. I only have a couple ofcopies floating around. I’ll have an announcement soon on what is coming next (besides rebuilding my shed, which I’ve needed to do all summer).

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