Friday, August 21, 2009

Moore County

Two counties in one week….

Moore County was formed in 1784 and named for Alfred Moore, a Revolutionary War officer and later justice on the United States Supreme Court. The county seat is Carthage.

According to the 1860 census, Moore County had a population of 11,427, which included 2,513 slaves and 184 free persons of color. During the 1860 presidential election, Moore County men cast 588 votes for Bell, 299 for Breckinridge, and 179 for Douglas. When the vote for the call for a convention came in early 1861, Moore County men cast 1,257 against with 135 for calling the convention. Representing Moore County in May 1861 was Dr. Hector Turner. He was a native of Scotland and came to America in 1820. He studied medicine at the University of New York. During the war, he became a surgeon in the 20th North Carolina Troops, surrendering at Appomattox. He later served in the state legislature. Turner was born in 1816 and died in 1896.

Men from Moore County served in Company H, 26th NCT; Company H, 30th NCT; Company C, 35th NCT; Company H, 46th NCT; Company D, 48th NCT; Company D, 49th NCT; Company F, 50th NCT; and, Company E, 56th NCT. You can find a list here.

Just like with Person County, I could not find a lot of information in books or on the web about Moore County and the War.

There is a Confederate Monument in Moore County, but information about the monument is scarce.


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Good work.

We will be interested in any research done with respect to Caswell County, North Carolina.

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zg said...

My father in Moore county has an extensive site on H26th Moore County independents at
if you view the alphabetical listings of the Names it is loaded with a bunch of original docs & info.