Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A look around the Old North State

Not much going on in the news as of late pertaining to North Carolina the War. Here are a couple of articles that I did find.

There is an article on WARL.com about a dive on what’s left of the USS Monitor, which sank off Hatteras in 1862. The turret of the Monitor was raised a couple of years again, and is now being conserved. Check out the article here.

There is an article in the Mooresville Tribune about the placing of a VA grave marker on the grave of a prominent Statesville lawyer and militia officer. The man’s name was E. Haynes Davis. I didn’t think militia officers were eligible for government markers. Check out the article here.

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Anonymous said...


Yes, members of CW militia and reserve units are eligible, but it's the user (viewer) experience with the stone that can be troublesome. When someone sees a headstone indicating the service of a Confederate soldier... militia, reserve, or regular army... do people leave with the impression that the particular soldier felt strongly for the Confederacy? As you can see in my post from today (6/25/09), militia service can be a bit more complicated to understand.

On another note, I don't know if you saw a question I posted to you in one of my posts, but what are your thoughts on the book "They Went into the Fight Cheering"? I still need to read it.

Best, Robert @ Cenantua's Blog