Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Wasted Hour

I had the misfortune to watch Gettysburg: The Battle That Changed America on the Military Channel last night. There were a few appropriate-looking actors and a few good special effects (like the guy losing a foot to the cannon ball), but the majority of the program was basically the contents of the old outhouse! I’ll just hit a few highlights: their Meade looked ok, but their Lee looked horrible. They totally left out Federal cavalry commander General Buford's and Confederate General A. P. Hill’s roles in the opening of the battle – I mean totally left it out. There was no mention of the great deeds of the Tar Heel state at the battle, which considering that twenty-five percent of the Confederate losses at Gettysburg were from North Carolina, that at least should get a line or two. Not much attention was given to Longstreet’s role in the battle, just…. I don’t even know where else to go. I let my son stay up and watch this with me – I was constantly telling him what was wrong.

If the Military Channel shows this again, don’t bother watching it. The few good special effects are not worth the bad history.

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My Tribute to President Lincoln said...

Michael was this that lame show that also had some historian that stated: "The South said that the war was about states' rights; but states' rights for what? They wanted states' rights to continue slavery."

I just shook my head and thought: "States' rights to self-govern."

I am just so tired of such narrow minded Northern written, Victor writes the history, to hell with the vanquished, biased gibberish, period.