Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trip Recap

Glad to be back home from my short trip to Roanoke. I spoke and signed books Monday evening for the Fincastle Rifles Camp #1326 of the SCV. They are a great bunch of folks. I actually took my son, Nathaniel, along on the trip. This was his first time out with his “old man.” We spent the night, and then on Tuesday morning (Nathaniel’s birthday), met Camp Commander Robert Barbour for breakfast. He took us to visit the small park established to commemorate the 1864 battle of Hanging Rock. We next took off to Franklin County were we visited the Jubal Early house. The Confederate general was born and lived in the house until he left to go to West Point. He later hid out in the house at the close of the war, and lived in the house for many years afterwards. The local SCV camp, along with some help from the UDC chapter, saved the house from a bull dozer. The house is being restored and will be open to the public sometime in the near future. Nathaniel and I next took off and went to the Virginia Transportation Museum, and spent a couple of hours amongst the trains and trucks and other displays. We then headed back for a special birthday dinner and time spent with the folks. A good trip was had by all.

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