Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My other brother, Darryl

Companies in Confederate and Federal service were made up of men who knew each other. They came from the same locations and were often related. I had a breakthrough last night on my work on two individuals in the 58th NCT.

Andrew Jackson Harmon was born July 16, 1833. He was working as a farmer and living in Watauga County when he enlisted on July 7, 1862. On July 29, 1862, his company became Company D, 58th North Carolina Troops. Harmon was AWOL in March and June 1863, but returned the next month. He deserted on September 20, 1863 (walked off the battlefield at Chickamauga?). He later served as sergeant in Company E, 13th Tennessee Cavalry (US). He died on November 16, 1904 and is buried at the Zion Hill Baptist Church Cemetery in Watauga Count., North Carolina.

His cousin was, of course, also named Andrew Jackson Harmon. This Andrew J. Harmon was born October 20, 1839. He also was a farmer, living in Watauga County, when he enlisted on August 7, 1862. Harmon was mustered in as a private in Company I, 58th North Carolina Troops. On November 15, 1862, Harmon was given a furlough. He was reported absent on furlough in January and February, 1863, and was listed AWOL in May /June 1863. On January 20, 1864, he was dropped from the rolls of the 58th NCT. Prior to that date, he had enlisted in the 13th Tennessee Cavalry, serving as a sergeant in Company E. Harmon died November 15, 1913, and is interred in the Merideth/Daniels Cemetery in Avery County, North Carolina.

Up until last night, I knew that there was an Andrew J. Harmon buried at Zion Hill, but I did not know which one. After going through some old cemetery records, I found the other. Now, if I could just come to the same place with the four men named John Wilson or the three men named John Vance or the two named John Thompson. (There are also three William Smiths.)

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Tamara Suttle said...

Congrats to you, Michael, for finding another piece of the puzzle! I can always count on your research to support your conclusions!