Thursday, January 15, 2009

What would you like to see?

Folks – I will be out of town for the next few days – I’ll be back Sunday night and we’ll see if I can get something posted on Monday.

I thought, as an interlude, we would take a little poll: which North Carolina regiments need a modern regimental history. The poll buttons are on the right.

Out of 70+ regiments, I chose these as serious contenders

1st North Carolina Cavalry
4th North Carolina State Troops (I have heard of three different people working on this)
7th North Carolina State Troops
14th North Carolina State Troops
18th North Carolina State Troops
26th North Carolina Troops (Covered with Glory, while a great book, does not count)
29th North Carolina Troops
33rd North Carolina Troops
49th North Carolina Troops
50th North Carolina Troops
60th North Carolina Troops
64th North Carolina Troops
Latham’s Battery

So what do you think?I look forward to reading your thoughts when I get back.


Drew@CWBA said...

I love to see authors go against the grain and do GA, NC, SC regiments that either didn't serve in the ANV or at least spent the bulk of their service elsewhere. If any of those fit that bill, they would have my vote.


Anonymous said...

Latham's, Latham's! Never enough written on NC artillery batteries! They had some fine units in the A.N.V., but they have never been examined like they should be.

Michael Hardy said...

cenantua, your right, not enough about artillery in either principle Confederate army.

Drew, of the list that I posted, the 29th, 50th, 60th, and 64th NCT were not ANV regiments. The 29th and 60th were AofT, the 64th was in eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina, and the 50th spent a great deal of time in the Tar Heel state.