Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sorry about missing a week of posting. I’ve been busy once again. I did get the Brooksville Raid (FL) manuscript finished and it is currently being edited. It is amazing how easy the writing is when you know that you have everything there is laid out before you. I had a couple of 2,000+ words days, including a 2,700 word day, which is really remarkable… probably even a record for me.

The manuscript was finished on Wednesday, and I spent Thursday reading through it for the first time. Friday was spent in getting caught up on my email. This included

58th NCT – 10
37th NCT – 3
25th NCT – 1
47th NCT – 1
Daniel Boone Trail Marker – 1
Highbrighton High School – 1
J. P. Arthur – 1
The Bright Settlement – 1
Miscellaneous – about 15

Speaking of J. P. Arthur, I’ve been talking with Rick Russell over at Reminiscing Books. He brought me to read John P. Arthur’s “Through Southern Eyes,” a fictionalized novel about Columbia, South Carolina, during the mid-1860s. You will probably be more familiar with Arthur’s A History of Watauga County¸ and Western North Carolina: A History. Thanks Rick!

Well, time to get back to the 58th NCT.

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