Thursday, November 06, 2008

You know, there is just not enough hours in weeks at times. I've started working on a post about Dare County, but I'm just not going to have time to get it done today. I'm off to my parent's this afternoon, and will not be back until Sunday night.

Here are a couple more photographs from my recent trip to Oakwood in Raleigh.

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Matthew Parker said...

Are you familiar with the "two Fort Andersons" on the North Carolina Coast?

One is located on the Neuse adjacent New Bern (commanded by Lt. Col. Hiram Anderson, Ninety-second New York, Anderson was subsequently killed-in-action at Cold Harbor), while the other on the Cape Fear guarding Wilmington.

I have seen several authors, and even numerous historians, merge both forts as one and the same. I am perplexed by this. Many, which reflect only one Fort Anderson (basically, they have merged both Fort Andersons together, hence, making Longstreet, Hill, and Bragg as principal commanders of the one Anderson) have very confusing campaigns playing out on the NC coast.

Any information would be appreciated. I have uncovered some old New York newspapers, etc, shedding light on the Fort Anderson (earthen fort) adjacent the Neuse; casualties, operations, expeditions, etc. The other Anderson on the Cape was a coastal fort, as we know.

Here is some data that I have compiled; I would have sent it directly to you, but if anyone else can elaborate I welcome your input!

Best Regards,
Matt Parker