Friday, November 14, 2008

A couple of articles:

Today, I received a copy of the new Company Front, the magazine published by the Society for the Preservation of 26th North Carolina Regiment, Inc. This new issue is a look at the programs conducted back in May, when the flags of the 26th NCT and 37th NCT were unveiled to the public. All of the talks given that beautiful Saturday in May are in the issue, and include “Any Man in that Line: The Museum of the Confederacy and the Return of the Twenty-sixth NCT Battleflag.” by Skip Smith; “That What They Had Done Would Not be Forgotten: The Battle Flag of the Thirty-seventh North Carolina” by Michael C. Hardy; “Tar Heel Cincinnatus: Major General Bryan Grimes” by Alan C. Leonard; “Determined Tenacity: The Twenty-sixth North Carolina at Gettysburg” by J. H. Stepp ; and “Homecoming: Flag and Regiment Reunited” by Richard Lane Brown III. This issue is full color and something that I will treasure for a long time.

The second article I got recently is by Dr. Kenneth W. Noe, of Auburn University, and is entitled “’Damned North Carolinians’ and ‘Brave Virginians’: the Lane-Mahone Controversy, Honor, and Civil War Memory.” This article examines the May 1864 attack of Lane’s brigade at Spotsylvania and the way in which that attack, and the controversy surrounding the attack, had an impact on Brig. James H. Lane’s life. This article was published in the October 2008 issue of The Journal of Military History. Back a few years, ago, I sent Dr. Noe an article that I had written on the 37th North Carolina and 17th Michigan at Spotsylvania. The article was accepted for publication by a major Civil War Magazine, but alas, it is still languishing, unpublished, gathering dust, right beside other articles, like the bio on Irving McDowell, and the 8th Florida at Sharpsburg.

These are two great (and important) pieces of North Carolina historiography and I am glad to have had a very small part in them.

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Ken Noe said...


You had more than a "small part" in my article--I thank you again for your generosity and good scholarship. Yours ought to be published somewhere too.