Monday, October 13, 2008

Meeting of the NC Society of Historians this past Saturday

Folks, I had a chance to attend the award banquet for the North Carolina Society of Historians this past Saturday in Hickory. Two of my books, Remembering Avery County and Remembering North Carolina’s Confederate, were awarded the Willie Parker Piece History Book Award. This marks the third and fourth times I have won this award. Considering that there were 834 entries and only 107 winners, well, I am deeply honored.

Other WBTS titles that were honored included:

Greensboro’s Confederate Soldiers – Carol Moore
The Civil War Ends: Greensboro, April 1865 – Bradley R. Foley and Adrian L. Whicker
Mountain Myth: Unionism in Western North Carolina – Terrell Garren
Through the Eyes of Soldiers: The Battle of Wyse fork, Kinston, North Carolina – Tom J. Edwards and William K. Rowland
The Un-Civil War – Mike Scruggs

I had a great time catching up with some old friends and making some new ones. And, once again, thanks to the NC Society of Historians for honoring my work.


Drew@CWBA said...

Have you seen a copy of the Wyse Fork book? I went to the LCHA website, and could find no mention of it.

Michael Hardy said...

When I was in Kinston a few weeks ago, I saw the books for sale at the Kinston Visitor Center. You might want to try them at (252) 522-0004.

Andrew Duppstadt said...

Hi guys. A word of caution to both of you regarding the Wyse Fork book. A friend of mine has reviewed it and has found some very blantant errors. The errors aren't necessarily in the text, but in some of the illustrations used. Apparently, there are illustrations credited to Harper's, Frank Leslie's, etc. that are actually from other battles, but purported by the authors to be Wyse Fork images. I haven't reviewed the book myself, but I trust this individual's judgement.

Wade Sokolosky, co-author of "No Such Army Since the Days of Julius Caesar" is hard at work on a more academic study of Wyse Fork, to be published shortly after his return from serving our country in Afghanistan. I'm certain that will be a better book in many ways. Just my two cents.